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It will be surprising for you to know that the fashion industry is just 20 years young. Glamour is the element which has given the overwhelming response to this industry. This romance has just started and we never know where time will take this. The best gift to Indian fashion industry has is its tradition and culture. We just don’t have Morden touch in songs (Remix). We have the same trend in fashion too. We call it fusion. Where the designers mix up Indian traditional designs and western fashion. This is what we love these days.

You already know what the industry has achieved in these 20 years and what to expect from this industry in next ten years. Indian fashion industry is not only going to be known in nation but worldwide. Bollywood industry is green light for fashion industry to go international. Indian traditional fashion and culture is not only loved by us but foreigners also. Many of them visit India to learn Indian culture and adapt Indian fashion.

This industry has not only spread the excitement in youngsters to experience fashion, but has also given a chance to professional fashion designers to make their career brighter in their loved industry.

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